Many Montanans have already heard the shocking news that the Montana High School Association is considering letting high school boys who identify themselves as girls play on girls’ athletic teams.

The Montana Family Foundation believes that the MHSA has not fully considered all the logistical implications of this policy, and should delay doing anything further until they’ve had time to study the matter.

Maybe big Class AA schools will be able to make accommodations for privacy in locker rooms, showers, and hotel rooms when the team is on the road. But will Class C schools have that kind of money? Will girls who have worked for four years to earn a starting spot on the basketball team — and maybe a college athletic scholarship — lose that to a person with a male body but who identifies as a woman?

The Montana Family Foundation write a letter to the Montana High School Association warning them of the massive logistical hurdles to be overcome in this policy, and you can read that letter by clicking here.

Please join us in praying that the MHSA chooses to delay or cancel this policy.