This Is A Call To Action!

Please urge the following legislators to vote NO on the “Blast Motion on HB 465”. This bill would place “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes in the Montana Human Rights Act.  This bill would threaten religious freedom and free speech as it has in other states.

Page 9, lines 22-24 specifically say people must be admitted into lavatory, bathing,or dressing facilities based on their gender identities.  It would place women and children at risk, especially in schools, colleges, and universities.  You can read the bill language here –

Please call (do not email) the following legislators and politely ask them to vote no on HB 465.  You can leave a message for up to 5 legislators at one time by calling 444-4800.  Please call ASAP.  This vote could happen within the next 24 hours.

Legislators to call at 444-4800:

Rep. Edward Buttrey

Rep. Geraldine Custer

Rep. Julie Dooling

Rep. Frank Garner

Rep. Bruce Grubbs

Rep. Llew Jones

Rep. Joel Krautter

Rep. Denley Loge

Rep. Walt Sales

Rep. Ray Shaw