In the decades to come we may look back on the Election of 2016 as an inflection point. The year that the veil was pulled back, the gloves came off, and American elections changed forever. Those of us involved in politics and public policy tend to be a fairly jaded bunch. But even we, as cynical as we are, were totally unprepared for the recent WikiLeaks emails and the Project Veritas videos regarding the Clinton campaign. We were shocked at the level of chutzpah required to live completely above the law and to feel so justified doing so.

When it comes to the Clinton campaign, collusion on a grand scale seems to be the order of the day. Collusion and the pay-to-play scheme devised by the Clinton Foundation. Collusion between Hillary Clinton and the heads of the Departments of Justice and the FBI to keep her from being charged with crimes involving national security. Collusion between the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Party to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the primary election. Blatant collusion with all of America’s major news agencies to gloss over all of Hillary Clintons health issues and other alleged indiscretions while at the same time hammering Donald Trump at every turn.

And let’s not forget the emails from John Podesta telling the news organizations how to rig the polling data by oversampling democrat votes. And finally, we have the ongoing release of the Project Veritas videos, which are completely ignored by the major media, but show Clinton fundraisers accepting illegal campaign contributions while at the same time inciting violence at Trump campaign rallies. To top it all off, they admit on tape to rigging the election by paying groups of people to vote multiple times in multiple states to help in key districts. It leaves one asking, is this America – or some third world Banana Republic? Now we have video of democrats who spend lots of time at the White House in meetings with President Obama admitting on tape that they are registering illegal aliens to vote. Couple that with the recent directive by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch stating that poll watching for ineligible voters would be considered a crime and you have a recipe for voter fraud on a scale never-before seen in the history of our nation.

It’s important to remember that every single illegal vote cast is a vote stolen from you and me. We’ve known this has gone on in the past, but never-before has it been so blatant, and on such a massive scale. We are either a nation of laws, or a lawless nation. And it’s our system of laws that separate us from nations run by tyrants and despots. Our laws should apply equally to everyone from the greatest to the very least. We’ve heard far too much about everyone’s right to vote, and far too little about the responsibility to cast informed and legal votes.  In an effort to get everyone to vote, we’ve destroyed the integrity of the process. And our only recourse at this late hour is for every single qualified voter to head to the polls and vote. We can still win this but not if the conservatives find excuses to stay home. It’s time to enforce the laws, throw criminals in jail, and restore the integrity of the electoral process. It’s time for conservatives and Christians to get off the sidelines, reengage, and cast their votes.