Today the Montana Family Foundation denounced the Supreme Court’s ruling and vowed that the battle for marriage is not over.

Jeff Laszloffy, President of the Montana Family Foundation, said, “The court got it wrong, pure and simple, just as they did when they upheld slavery in Dred Scott and, as some would argue, more recently in Citizens United.”

Laszloffy authored and the Montana Family Foundation led the effort to pass Montana’s constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. In 2004, 67 percent of Montana voters voted in favor of that amendment.

He went on to say “The narrow 5-4 ruling proves that the Supreme Court is as divided on the issue as the people of the United States.  When the vast majority of states, as diverse as California and Montana, vote to uphold traditional marriage only to be overruled by 5 unelected judges, something has gone terribly wrong with our country.”

Laszloffy also said, “Marriage connects children to both of their biological parents to provide the best possible situation for the child. Same-sex marriage enshrines, for the first time in our history, the idea that either a mom or dad is irrelevant.  This point was made eloquently in an amicus brief filed in the case by the children of same-sex couples.  Although they love their parents, they begged the court not to redefine marriage because kids need a mom and a dad.”

Laszloffy acknowledged disappointment with the decision, but he said the focus should be on the positive.  “Just as in Dred Scott and more recently with Roe v. Wade, public opinion eventually won out and negated the court’s decision.  This is a short term detour.  When the full effect of this decision on children and families is finally realized, America will reverse course and reinstate marriage in its traditional form.”

He concluded by stating, “We know the struggle to defend the bedrock institution of society isn’t over. The Montana Family Foundation is committed to working for marriage and religious freedom for as long as it takes.”

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