How do you know God is real? Is there evidence for a Creator? This life-changing DVD provides proven facts and insights from philosophy, cosmology and biology to help you engage intellectually with professors and peers, both in and outside the classroom. Ten 25-minute lessons.

Included is a 64-page full-color booklet with discussion questions and the ten 30-minute lessons listed below:

* Faith and Reason
* The Big Bang Cosmology: “The Finite Universe”
* The Big Bang Cosmology, Part 2: “In the Beginning”
* The Big Bang Cosmology, Part 3: “A Finely Tuned Universe”
* DNA by Design
* DNA by Design, Part 2: “Doing the Math”
* DNA by Design, Part 3: “Information and Intelligence”
* The Return of the God Hypothesis
* The Moral Necessity of Theism
* The Moral Necessity of Theism, Part 2: “We Need God”
Bonus Extra: The Toughest Test in College

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