Transgender Schools Directive

In May, the Obama administration attempted to tell all schools across the country that they must permit male students who identify as girls to use the girls’ locker rooms, play on girls’ sports teams, and stay in the same hotel rooms with girls if that team travels. If the federal departments of education and justice had their way, any school that accepted any federal money at all would no longer be allowed to maintain separate facilities for biologically female students.

Across the nation, families found themselves pushed too far. More than 20 states sued to stop the directive, including Montana’s Attorney General. Also in our own state, the Montana Family Foundation stood with the families who wanted to see their daughters’ privacy protected. We surveyed a representative sample of likely voters and found overwhelming opposition to the directive. We invited candidates across the state of Montana to pledge to resist the directive.

We also launched a petition drive for Montanans to express their own resistance to this federal intrusion into our local control of our schools. You can sign that petition today!

Below, you can learn more about our efforts to resist this overreach from the Federal government.

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