Ultrasound Before Abortion

Bill has been passed by the full Legislature, in final preparations and on it’s way to the Governor’s desk. This bill would require that a pregnant woman be given the opportunity to view an active ultrasound and ultrasound images, and listen to the...

Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Returned to first House with second House Amendments. HB 167 would provide require that health care providers perform the necessary actions to preserve the life of a born-alive infant, including infants born alive after an abortion.

Abortion Pill Protocols

Passed by full Legislature, in final preparation process before heading to the Governor’s desk! This bill would provide requirements for providing abortion-inducing drugs to pregnant women. Including prohibiting abortion-inducing drugs in school and on school...

Tax Credit Scholarships

This bill would revise laws related to the Tax Credit Scholarship Program, removing the assessment requirements for qualified education providers and revision limits made on scholarship amounts.