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(Laurel, MT)  Today, the Montana Family Foundation released the Montana Judicial Candidate Spending Project.  The report is a factual record of where Montana judicial candidates have contributed their own money.

“Montanans are frustrated.  Every election cycle they are asked to vote for judges that they know nothing about.  The Montana Judicial Candidate Spending Project is an attempt to bring transparency to the process and help voters cast informed votes,” says Jeff Laszloffy, President and CEO of Montana Family Foundation.

Choosing the right candidate for one of Montana’s court seats can be one of the most frustrating parts of voting in Montana, especially since very little can be found about the candidates or their values.  “In the case of Minnesota v. White, the U.S. Supreme court said people voting for judges have both the right and responsibility to cast informed votes,” says Laszloffy, “This isn’t an attempt to pin party labels on nonpartisan judicial candidates, but rather to add just one more data-point to help frustrated voters cast informed votes.”

For more information about the Montana Judicial Candidate Spending Project, visit www.montanafamily.org.