Petition against men in girls’ locker rooms

meme girls Safety 1Today President Obama ordered schools to let men into girls’ locker rooms.

In a letter issued today, the administration warned schools they could lose federal funding if they do not permit any male who tells school officials he identifies as a woman to use the women’s locker room.

The letter offers no help addressing the risk that a sexual predator may take advantage of this opportunity for easier access to young women at their most vulnerable.

Join us in standing up to President Obama’s unilateral decision that schools must allow men into girls’ locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports teams. Sign the petition to Montana’s Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction asking them to block this executive action in Montana.

The Petition:

Dear Governor Steve Bullock and Superintendent Denise Juneau,

With no act of Congress, no Supreme Court case, and no vote of the people, President Obama just required all schools that accept federal funding to allow males into the locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports teams of girls and young women. We, the undersigned, appeal to you to protect Montana women from this undemocratic executive action by blocking its implementation in Montana.

Petition against men in girls' locker rooms

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