Have you ever wanted to come to the Capitol to see your legislators in action?  If so, then this coming Friday would be the perfect day!  Several things are happening that will have a profound effect on people across Montana and your input will make a huge difference.

The first is House Bill 282, sponsored by Representative Bryce Bennett of Missoula.   A bill to completely rewrite every section of Montana code that deals with marriage.  His bill would codify the recent court decision to legalize same-sex marriage.  This is a bad idea because it’s extremely premature.  The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the issue of same-sex marriage this term with arguments scheduled for April and a ruling sometime this summer.  With the courts divided on the issue, the definition of marriage could still be left in the hands of the states.  So, to rewrite all of Montana’s marriage laws before the court even rules is jumping the gun.  If you believe that marriage should remain defined as a union between one man and one woman, please come to the Capitol and make your voice heard.  The hearing begins at 8:00 am on Friday morning in the House Judiciary Committee.

On a related note – at the same time the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Senate Bill 179, sponsored by Senator Christine Kaufman of Helena, a bill to create a statewide version of the so-called sexual identity nondiscrimination ordinances now in place in several Montana cities.  This is the same law used by homosexual activists in other states to force Christians and members of other faiths to participate in same-sex weddings and to force schools and other facilities to  allow men (who think they’re women) to use public restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities.  The ironic thing is that the complaints under this law would be heard by the Montana Human Rights Commission whose members include people with ties to the ACLU and the Montana Human Rights Network – one of Montana’s largest pro-homosexual organizations.  Does anyone really believe that a defendant would get a fair hearing before this board?  Come and tell the Legislature that this law in not needed as evidence by the fact that no one has ever been charged under the existing municipal NDO’s,  proof positive that Montana’s already a tolerant place to live.

After attending these hearings, you can attend the School Choice Rally at noon on the steps of the Capitol.  Montana is only one of eight remaining states with no school choice and it’s time that changed.  Nearly 2,000 students drop out of Montana schools each year and school choice would provide them with options that work for them.  These options include – public charter schools, scholarships for children with disabilities, and tax credits for those who want to switch to a private school.  After the rally, you can attend the House and Senate floor sessions – a great place to see your legislators in action!

So come to the capitol this Friday, January 30th because as I always say – this government is your government and your input does make a difference.