Today the Montana Family Foundation released a statement praising the Montana House and Senate for their passage of House Bill 322, Education Savings Accounts for Children With Special Needs.

Jeff Laszloffy, President of the Montana Family Foundation, said, “Montana’s public schools do great for most students. But for those who aren’t succeeding, House Bill 322 offers hope. This bill gives students with special needs, and students whose parent was killed in action during military service, the extra help they need to succeed.”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Don Jones, and carried by Senator Kris Hansen. It’s designed to help students with special needs and students whose parent was killed in action during military service. For qualified students, the bill allows an “Education Savings Account” to be created with about half of the money, roughly $6000, which would otherwise have been spent educating them in public schools. The family can spend that money on educational alternatives that they see as a better fit for their child.

Laszloffy said, “This is about helping Montana’s kids. For the 1500 kids who drop out of public high schools each year, we have to do more than we are. This bill will take kids with some of the biggest hurdles to overcome and give them a leg up.”

He continued, “Our state house and state Senate came together in an impressive way to get this bill through the process. They did good work. Now, we hope Governor Bullock signs it. Montana is one of only seven remaining states with no school choice, it’s time we catch up with the rest of the nation.”