Have you heard of the “Grizzly Effect”?

That’s what the national news media is calling the uproar that resulted when the Helena School Board proposed teaching sex education beginning in kindergarten.

At the Montana Family Foundation, we were quickly inundated with interview requests from across the country including calls from FOX News, MSNBC, CNN and many, many others. We spent the better part of a week doing radio and television interviews; and in every case, the question was the same, “What in the world is going on in Helena Montana?”

For the past two years, the Helena School Board has been secretly revising its health curriculum, and as part of that effort, they’re also revising their sex education curriculum.

This proposal by the Helena School District to teach sex education in kindergarten, and introduce homosexuality in first grade, tramples parental rights and places government squarely between parents and their children. It runs contrary to the values that most parents teach at home, and crosses the line from education to indoctrination.

Please read the letter we recently sent to concerned citizens recently, and consider how you can help us fight this battle. Together, we can stand beside the parents of these children, and stop this misguided/dangerous curriculum from spreading across the state.