I like to start these broadcasts with a hook, a statement or some word that will get your attention and help you be drawn into the message.  A lot of times, hooks are slightly funny or slightly exaggerated.  The point is to draw you into the broadcast.  But with every new undercover video that’s released about Planned Parenthood, it becomes impossible for me to say anything even a little bit funny.  And as for slightly exaggerated, what’s left to exaggerate?  They have been caught red handed selling body parts from aborted babies.

The newest video, recorded and released by the Center for Medical Progress – features Planned Parenthood and their partners in the fetal tissue gray market admitting on camera what they have never admitted before; “it’s a boy” and “it’s a baby”.  Before, they always tried to hide behind terms like “tissue” and “potential”, but – not this time.  When they don’t know that the camera is running, Planned Parenthood admits what the rest of us have known for decades, the victims of their procedures are babies.

One person suggested we name the aborted baby Emmett after Emmett Till, the 14 year old black boy who was beaten to death by a mob in 1955 in Mississippi.  He was beaten beyond recognition yet his mother insisted on an open casket so that the world could see what those men had done to her son.  The images of Emmett in that casket galvanized the Civil Rights movement and the same thing could happen here.  The veil has been pulled back and the general public now sees for the first time what really goes on in the abortion industry.  How can another human being saying, “oh, another boy” and then casually negotiate a price for his body – organ by organ, tissue by tissue?

And yet, as these horrors are exposed to the public eye for the first time – there are those who would rather shoot the messenger.  A federal court in San Francisco decided that the Center for Medical Progress should be forbidden in releasing their next video.  The court issued a temporary restraining order to stop the video from coming out.  Debating political issues is the very reason for which our Constitution protects free speech, contrary to the opinions of those on the left.  The first amendment was not written to protect pornographers and public nudity, it was written so that no citizen of the United States should ever have their freedom of speech squelched by the government.  But by a federal judiciary that can fabricate a constitutional right for same-sex marriage out of thin air, we should not be surprised at bad rulings.

Now while the elites are celebrating, a new so called “right” that is nowhere in the Constitution, they trample like cattle on the rights that actually are in the Constitution.

I should tell you something about Planned Parenthood, they only believe that they can win the debate if they use the force of law to prevent their opponents from speaking.  In other words, they know they can only win if no one is allowed to speak the truth.

We will never stop speaking the truth, we remain confident that the rest of the Planned Parenthood undercover videos will see the light of the day and we’ll help publicize them so that the pro-family citizens can take action.  It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood and it’s time to kick them out of our schools.