Protect Freedom of Association and Speech on Campuses

Montana Family Foundation supports this bill.

Bill Number: HB 349

Last updated: April 26, 2021

Bill Description

This bill would revise laws related to Freedom of association and freedom of speech on campuses of public colleges and institutions.  

Montana Family Foundation Comments

A public postsecondary institution may not deny a religious, political, or ideological student organization a benefit or
privilege available to other student organizations or otherwise discriminate against a student organization based
on the student organization’s expressive activity.


Montana Family Foundation supports this Bill.

Bill Status: Signed Into Law

Assigned House Committee
Passed 2nd Reading by House
Passed 3rd Reading by House
Assigned to Senate Committee
Passed 2nd Reading by Senate
Passed 3rd Reading by Senate
Assigned to Conference Committee
Passed by Full Legislature
Signed Into Law