Prohibit Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status

Probably Dead This bill would prohibit discrimination based on vaccination status, prohibiting immunity "passports". This bill did not pass second reading, it was tied - 50/50. This bill is probably dead.

Protecting Children on the Internet Act

This bill would require consumers to choose whether or not they want to receive hard-core pornography over the internet and require internet service providers to offer internet service that does not contain hard-core porn.   Bill was tabled on 3-1-21

Adopt the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act

This bill would provide protection for infants born alive after an abortion, requiring health care providers to take the necessary actions to preserve the life of a born-alive infant.

Sex Designation on Birth Certificates

This bill would revise the rule change that DPHHS had enacted allowing an individual to change their sex designation on their birth certificate.  

Adoption Revision

This bill would revise adoptions laws regarding licensure requirements for child-placement agencies, providing an exemption from licensure for an attorney or healthcare provider assisting a parent in identifying or locating a child that is available for adoption or an...